About and etcetera


I am a 53-year old father, manager, writer, photographer, investor, trader, etc., entering a new phase of life and doing his best to head off a mid-life crisis. If you are here, it is highly likely that you know who I am. If you don’t, it shall remain a mystery for now.

About names

I am well aware that some people just don’t like being talked or written about, especially on the internet. I have no intent to embarrass or offend. Nor do I desire congress with any litigious souls. So I am choosing to keep people anonymous. Those of you who need to know already now, or are bright enough to figure it out. Still, I am sure that the cast of characters will grow over time.

Acerca de los nombres

Soy consciente de que algunas personas simplemente no les gusta que se hable o escrito acerca de, sobre todo en Internet. No tengo ninguna intención de avergonzar u ofender. Tampoco quiero congreso con las almas litigioso. Así que he decidido mantener a la gente anónima. Aquellos de ustedes que necesitan saber desde ahora, o son lo suficientemente brillantes como para entenderlo.


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